Day 3 Quote Challenge: And above all…

And above all quote by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors and has been since I was a child. Between my childhood, teaching first grade, and reading to my own children, I think I’ve read almost every one of his books. Roald Dahl’s use of language and the way he played with words is tremendous! One Back to School Night a parent asked what my least favorite word was (my answer was two words, “I can’t”) and then asked what my favorite word was, very quickly I replied, “scrumdiddlyumptious.” Actually quite fitting in retrospect as I now have a food blog!
And above all quote by Roald Dahl
Here Roald Dahl asks us to continue to look at the world with childlike wonder.  Keep an open mind, and your “glittering eyes” can find magic in the most unlikely places.  Beauty is all around us, though sometimes we need to look a little more carefully to find it. This quote is from his last book, The Minpins, and is the last line in the story.

I would like to thank Natascha over at Natascha’s Palace for nominating me for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Natascha is an elementary school teacher, a Canadian ex-pat in Spain, and an incredible home cook. Her blog is full of delicious food and lovely anecdotes about her life in Spain. Thank you, Natascha for thinking of me!

Rules of the challenge:
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